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We meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month! If you'd like to visit our club and try us out, please RSVP to Tony Stuppnig-Membership at burnsville.am.rotaryclub@gmail.com We'll even provide you with FREE breakfast on your first visit!
Rotary brings together people like you- from all walks of life- who want to use their expertise for good. People whose sense of responsibility inspires them to give back. At Rotary, we connect for the benefit of our community -  and form life long friendships in the process.
Together, we empower youth, improve health, promote peace, and advance our communities in all corners of the globe. With 1.2 million members in 34,000 clubs worldwide,  our global community's impact has never been greater - and it continues to grow.
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club held their bi-annual Vista View Park cleanup on Monday evening, Sept. 26th. with several members and spouses attending. The club adopted this park many years ago and has provided park clean-up, park benches next to the basketball court, and also provided labor to help build the pavilion located on the park property. The club then met at Clive's Roadhouse for a social and food & drink. A great time was had by all!
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club will be holding a "fun" fundraiser to shoot sporting clays at the MN. Horse & Hunt Club on Wednesday, Oct. 26th. in Prior Lake. Any experience level is welcome, and guns are available to rent or share. The $125 fee per person includes shells, sporting clays, social, and dinner! There is a dinner-only option also available for $30 PP. There are also sponsorships available by contacting Andrew Stevens @ acstevens03@gmail.com. To purchase tickets, just go to the right-hand side of our club page and click on the sporting clays button!
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club welcomed Danny Rubio who is the Exec. Director of the Minnesota Valley YMCA in Burnsville, River Valley YMCA, and the Southdale YMCA. The YMCA is a Rotary Foundation partner with our club which we donate to on a regular basis for the good work that they do for the community. For those that do not know what the YMCA is all about, they are a non-profit organization that helps raise funds to assist people of all ages and backgrounds to benefit from membership, programs, services, and activities. Danny wanted to stress that they are more than “just a gym”, but come alongside families in their area of need providing food, childcare, physical & emotional support, and hope! If you’d like to find out more about the YMCA and the services that they provide, please visit its website at: https://www.ymcanorth.org/locations/burnsville_ymca

The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club held a social outing at Canterbury Race Track in Shakopee this past Thursday 9/15, and our members carefully weighed the various factors in determining how to bet on the races. They won some and lost some, but in the 8th race (and using a tip from a jockey that spoke at our club), we bet it all on the winner and made a haul!   Not quite enough to buy the Ferrari… Maybe next time!   A great time was had by all!
Two Fantastic Upcoming Events!
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club has two fantastic events coming up to have some fun and help raise funds to support local non-profits in Burnsville and the surrounding communities!
#1 Glowball Golf Outing-Saturday, Oct. 1st, 2022 @ Birnamwood Golf Course. Registration/Light Dinner 6:30 p.m. Golf: 7:00 pm.
Please RSVP to Randy Sparling at rsparling57@gmail.com
#2 19th., Annual Burnsville Uncorked Wine/Spirit tasting with light hors d'oeuvres! Don't miss this event, as tickets sell out fast! Ames Center on Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 2022 from 7:00 to 9:30 pm. WE ONLY HAVE (40) TICKETS REMAINING TO OFFER! DON'T WAIT!! SPEAK WITH A BURNSVILLE BREAKFAST ROTARIAN OR E-MAIL US AT: BURNSVILLE.AM.ROTARYCLUB@GMAIL.COM, AND WE'LL MAIL OR DELIVER YOUR TICKETS TO YOU IN THE SOUTH METRO! $45 IN ADVANCE, OR $50 AT THE DOOR ONLY IF TICKETS REMAIN!
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club welcomed Dan Kealey to their Sept. 8th. club meeting to discuss the 42nd. Annual Burnsville Festival/Fire Muster and some of the changes that have been made to the community celebration recently to be more inclusive of the changing demographics of the community. The Burnsville Festival (AKA Fire Muster) started in 1980 to highlight the unique qualities of Burnsville to visitors and residents and to promote the city as an excellent place for families and businesses. As the years have gone by, attendance has been slipping and the new committee was looking for ways to better promote it and make it an event that welcomed everyone from Burnsville! With nearly 40% of Burnsville's population now being of a diverse background, the committee felt it was necessary to make some changes to attract a wider audience. The festival now includes regional music which includes a mariachi band, Latin band, Somali dance group, ethnic food trucks, and merchandise vendors selling cultural wares. They also added an International Drink Station which will sell non-alcoholic drinks that are cultural favorites. If you'd like to learn more about the Burnsville Festival/Fire Muster, please click the link below or paste it into your browser:    https://www.burnsvillefiremuster.org/     Also, you can see some pictures of our hard-working volunteers who worked in the beer/bingo tent on Friday, Sept. 10th.   The weather didn't cooperate, but everyone still had fun!
It's that time of year again! The 19th. annual "Burnsville Uncorked" wine, small spirits, and craft beer tasting event at the Ames Center in Burnsville! If you've never attended this event, you're missing out! Pre-sale of tickets is $45 from either a Burnsville Breakfast or Burnsville Noon Rotary Club member, or at Red Lion Liquors located at 12400 Nicollet Ave, Burnsville, MN. Also, you can contact us at burnsville.am.rotaryclub@gmail.com and we'll arrange for someone to drop them off and collect your money in the South Metro. Don't pass this one up! Tickets are limited!
     The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club welcomed Heidi Hammond who’s the traveling partner of our very own Doug Johnson to provide an overview of their exciting trip to the Galapagos Islands & Amazon Jungle this past January. The islands are located 600 miles west of the country of Ecuador in South America and are part of the country of Ecuador. Approximately 30,000 inhabitants live on the three main islands of Isla Isabela, Seymour, and Puerto Ayora. The Galapagos Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage site and renowned National Park. The islands are teaming with interesting wild & marine life and provide an exciting eco-tourism opportunity! The mode of transport from Ecuador and accommodations were provided aboard the Galapagos Legend which is a small cruise ship that holds 100 passengers and provides an intimate and engaging environment to meet other people and share your journey together.
     The trip also included some time in Quito, Ecuador to explore the city and spend some time in the Yasuni National Park at an eco-tourism lodge. All in all, they had an amazing trip and would love to go back again! Thank you, Heidi, for sharing your experience with us!
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club volunteered on Saturday, Aug. 13th. for Sleep in Heavenly Peace which is a non-profit whose mission is to ensure that all children have and safe and comfortable place to sleep. Duties included sanding, quality control, frame set-up, staining/dipping, and screwing. The event was held at Northern Tool & Equipment in Burnsville who's been an avid supporter of this non-profit to help improve the quality of life for young children and teens! The weekend build produced 124 beds that will be delivered and set up by volunteers in the coming weeks.
     If you'd like to learn more about Sleep in Heavenly Peace and how you can be a volunteer or financial supporter, please copy and paste the link in your browser: https://shpbeds.org/ 
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club welcomed Lindy Engelken-Volunteer Manager for DARTS in Dakota County. DARTS is a community-based nonprofit that started in 1974 that connects people to services and partnerships that improve their quality of life, help them age well, and enable them to engage in their community. DARTS focuses on five key values and adjusts to fill the gaps for older adults and their caregivers, and also provides school mentoring opportunities for young people in need of extra help. Their key values are collaboration, excellence, inclusion, responsibility, and service. If you'd like to find out more about DARTS and the opportunities they have available for you to volunteer, please click the link: https://dartsconnects.org/
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club welcomed their very own Jason Sellers as our guest speaker on July 14th! Jason is the Community Education Director for District 191 in Burnsville and is responsible for coordinating the many summer, Pre-K, ECFE, youth, and adult education programs for the community. Jason said the face of the community is changing in Burnsville, and that his staff reflects the changing demographics so that they can better serve their constituents. The Community Education budget is $5.8M and covers a wide range of programs. Their summer programs impact over 4,000 students and they have over 1,200 employees on the payroll during this time. Jason’s presentation was a real eye opener about all the great things and opportunities that Community Education provides the citizens of Burnsville! Thank you Jason for your informative presentation!
     The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club volunteered for the Prior Lake Lakefront Music Fest on Saturday, July 9th. which is hosted by the Rotary Club of Prior Lake. Some of the positions entailed ticketing, beverage service, and helping to keep the grounds clean in the VIP area of the event. We had an awesome day for weather and a turnout of over 18,000 people! This event nets nearly $330,000 in profits which is then turned back into the community and internationally to support various causes to help people in need and make their lives better!
     One of the main focuses of Rotary International is the eradication of polio worldwide which is unfortunately still a problem in some countries in the world. The Prior Lake Rotary Club's goal was to reach $33,334 in tips from all the various food & beverage stations so that they can get a two-to-one match of funds from the Bill Gates Foundation which would then provide $100,000 for polio eradication. I have no doubt that they'll meet that goal! 
     Belonging to Rotary provides members with an opportunity to give back to their community and connect with like-minded leaders and friends. People join Rotary for many reasons, including community involvement, personal development, professional networking, and camaraderie. If you'd like to learn more about us, please check out our website and see what we do! https://www.burnsvillebreakfastrotary.org
Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club Grants $5,000 in Scholarships to Burnsville Area High School Students!
     The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club provided five $1,000 scholarships to students of the Burnsville High School and Alternative High Schools that were awarded during recent graduation ceremonies. The students were selected based on essays that they completed outlining the impact of attending District 191 schools on their education, extra-curricular activities, and their volunteerism. Pat Christiansen, Foundation 191 Community Scholarship Chair said that “We appreciate the Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Clubs' generous donations to the Burnsville High School Community Scholarship Program. The generosity of our donors enables BHS graduates to continue their education journey following high school graduation.”
     The recipients of the 2022 Burnsville Breakfast Rotary scholarships were Elijah McKeen, Kathryn Pearson, Julieonna Johns, Joselyne Hernandez, and Jazmyne Seymoure. In Kathryn’s scholarship application she said that “ISD 191 has given me the space and resources to discover my values and morals which have made me realize my passions and what I would like to do in a career.” She plans to attend Minnesota State University in Mankato and major in international relations.
Pictured below is club President Dan McElroy of Burnsville Breakfast Rotary presenting one of the five scholarships to Elijah McKeen.
     The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club welcomed our very own Mayor of Burnsville Elizabeth Kautz as our guest speaker at our club meeting today. She was joined by our new city manager Gregg Lindberg. The title of Elizabeth's presentation was "Burnsville Now & In the Future!" Elizabeth said that Burnsville is a city that is vibrant and welcoming to all and that it takes all of us (city residents) to ensure that we make it a great place to live! She said that Burnsville is in a strong financial position and that we maintain a AAA bond rating, and that we also did through the recession that we experienced a decade ago. Some of the success factors she touched on were the following:
- Burnsville is a safe community
- We have a state-of-the-art police & fire department/rescue squad that is dedicated to the City of Burnsville. The department handles 1000's of calls a year with an escalating number related to health calls due to Burnsville's aging population
- Burnsville was one of the first communities to add Behavioral Health personnel to their police staff who aren't responsible for enforcing the law but to help people through crises that are impacting their lives. They recently won an award from the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce for their work in this area.
- Burnsville has been progressive in the use of body-worn cameras in their policing for about ten years which has helped capture situations that have helped in court cases and bring total transparency & accountability to the police force
- Burnsville is currently looking to purchase drones to assist police & fire to help give them information that they don't have on the ground during major public safety events
- Training is a huge and ongoing part of both the police & firefighters. It's important for all to have "muscle memory" so they can react quickly and appropriately in crisis situations
- The city is offering Opps 101 & Citizens Academy for residents so that they can experience hands-on training in simulating real-life situations that both police & firefighters go through on a daily basis
- The City of Burnsville works hard at community engagement to help residents understand any projects that would personally impact them and to get their input before projects begin. This has been well received by residents so they feel involved in the process
City Hall
- Elizabeth said it's very important that they pay attention to the culture inside City Hall, that it's the "Peoples House" and that it's all about service!
- The only product that they provide is water, and that pays for itself! Everything else in the tax budget is about service!
- The people who work at City Hall are public servants and are passionate about what they do! They have access to continual training through the Burnsville University which has had over 600 participants via 53 training classes so far. This provides an opportunity for them to grow and be better in their jobs!
Elizabeth's closing comment was that all of us (residents) need to participate in making Burnsville a vibrant & welcoming community!
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club welcomed Dr. Theresa Battle who's the Superintendent of District 191 Burnsville/Eagan/Savage as their guest speaker on May 26th. Dr. Battle shared with us the positive community survey results that showed 92% of respondents rated the district's handling of the pandemic as good to excellent, and 90% of the parents said they're proud of District 191! She also shared the mission of District 191 being Each Student, Future Ready, and Community Strong! Dr. Battle also reviewed the Core Values of District 191 and touched on the academic "Pathways Program" which provides all students with experiences in Arts, Music, & Theater, Advanced Learning, College & Career Readiness, Social Emotional Learning, and Entrepreneurship. The goal is to provide an exploration of careers and further education in the student's field of interest/study.
On enrollment in District 191, this continues to be a struggle with a projected loss of 200+ students this coming year, but the hope is that it'll be more around 120. The district has launched a successful Virtual Academy that has drawn students from outside the district which is very positive! They've also seen growth in enrollments in the critical Kindergarten age group which is currently putting the district on pace to exceed the enrollments of the past two years to a typical class size of 660.
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club took full advantage of a beautiful evening on Tuesday, May 10th. to do their bi-annual park clean-up of Vista View Park in Burnsville. We had ten Rotarians participate which made quick work of the project. If you enjoy doing civic-minded projects to help your city and make it a beautiful place to live, please check out our website to find out more about what we do and how you can get involved! 
     The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club welcomed their very own Peter Beaumont as their guest speaker on May 12th. The title of Peter's presentation was "How did I get here, and does anyone care?" The general theme of Peter's presentation was the importance of strong relationships as he navigated his business career with several marquee companies such as Cadbury, Philip Morris, & Coca-Cola. Peter held several international assignments which included Europe, the Middle East, and Russia where he was responsible for managing the key relationships with customers and developing new business opportunities for the company. With the many key learnings that Peter absorbed during his career, he decided to write a book called "The Relationship Roadmap" which is a professional guide for strategically building & maintaining business contacts, and is available in a paperback book on Amazon.
     Peter also started his own consulting firm in 2012 after he exited the corporate world called ConnXN which specializes in helping Fortune 500 companies to improve their customer service management & engagement. If you'd like to find out more about Peter and read his book, please click on the link or paste this address into your browser. https://www.amazon.com/Relationship-Roadmap-Professional-Strategically-Maintaining/dp/1492140732
     The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club held their meeting today at the “new” Burnsville Fire Station #1 located at 14275 Newton Ave. The planning for this facility started in 2015 and was a collaborative effort between the firefighters, captains, chiefs, architects & construction managers. The new station sits on 4 ½ acres and is just south of Cty. Road 42, and West of Hwy. 5 (behind Caribou Coffee Drive Through) which provides easy access to these major roads and is an area that doesn’t impact neighborhoods from a noise or traffic congestion standpoint. The station has a very welcoming façade and has a dedicated public entrance and parking area which was lacking in the old facility for visitors.
     The new fire station was built with the physical health & mental wellness of the firefighters and paramedic personnel in mind. To help these individuals process some of the tragic events they’re exposed to from fire deaths to vehicle extractions after an accident, the station has a full-time psychiatrist on duty to help them process these experiences and promote emotional wellness. The facility also provides rest & relaxation areas, a full kitchen, workout room, individual bedrooms, and many other amenities to help them make their on-duty time restful & relaxing between calls. The station fields over 8,000 calls per year with the majority of them being medical-related as the population of Burnsville ages. The typical response time is about 6 minutes from the time the call comes in to arrival at the specified location. Firefighters work 24 hours on/48 hours off shift and spend 1/3 of their life at the station.
     Burnsville is one of only a handful of cities in Minnesota that employs full-time firefighters & paramedics/ambulance services to its city, as 93% of the cities across the state are a volunteer-only model. This gives the residents of Burnsville a huge advantage of getting very quick response times due to a fire or medical emergency where sometimes seconds can mean the difference between life & death. The station will be holding an open house on Saturday, May 7th. from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. This would be a great opportunity to see this magnificent facility and get a feel for all the hard work and planning it took to make this facility a reality!
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club assisted in a DARTS spring clean-up project this past Tuesday evening for an elderly homeowner in Burnsville. The members spent about two hours raking leaves, picking up fallen branches, turning flower beds, and tidying up the yard. This is an annual event for the club, and they get great joy in getting out and making a difference in their community and helping those in need of a hand!
DARTS is a community-based non-profit that supports the independence of older adults by coordinating practical services at home, providing accessible ride services, supporting family caregivers with eldercare resources, engaging all ages to volunteer, and building community through innovative partnerships. To learn more about DARTS and how you can help, please visit www.darts1.org
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club held an initiation ceremony for their newest member on April 14th. Our new member is Mr. Greg Ludvigsen, and he's an attorney doing business as Ludvigsen Law Offices in Apple Valley, MN. Greg specializes in general practice, business, estate, and some litigation, and has been in practice for 36 years. Pictured from left to right are Dan McElroy-President of the club and new member Greg Ludvigsen. Please extend a warm welcome to Greg when you see him at our next meeting!
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club welcomed Mr. Brian Ryks-CEO of the MAC (Metropolitan Airports Commission) to their April 14th. meeting at the Original Pancake House in Burnsville. Brian provided some interesting information on the history of the MAC and the airport operations that they manage in the Twin Cities area. Some of the information Brian provided were as follows:
- The MAC was est. in 1947 by the State of MN
- The MAC first operated Wold-Chamberlain (now MSP) and Holman Field airport in St. Paul.
- MAC now has (7) metro airports under its wing, and is one of the largest airport systems in America! (MSP, STP, Lake Elmo, Anoka, Crystal, Flying Cloud, & Airlake (Lakeville)
Pandemic Impact on Industry Operations
- March 2020 - 2022 $40 B rev. losses to US airports
- Global Airports 2021 $82B rev. losses
- Global Airports 2022 Proj. $60.8 B in losses
- MAC operation rev. losses since 2019=$310M
CARES ACT assists airports
- $295 M awarded in total
- $274 M for MSP & reliever airports
- $ 21M to assist with concession relief/rental car operations
Passenger totals-last (3) years @ MSP
- 2019 39.5M 2020 14.8 M 2021 25.2 M
Airport landing/takeoff operations @ MSP-last (3) years
- 2019 406.1K, 2020 245.0 K, 2021 303.8K
- Airlines are operating at 75% of pre-pandemic levels
- Airlines adding (11) new routes from MSP in 2022 (9 domestic & 2 international)
- International service to Canada nearing 2019 levels
Thank you to Mr. Brian Ryks for his interesting & informative presentation!
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club welcomed guest speaker Jan Belmore who's the Executive Director of Kids 'n Kinship this morning to their bi-monthly meeting at the Original Pancake House in Burnsville, MN. This is a community-based mentoring program that matches individuals, couples, and families with children between the ages of 5-16 yrs. in need of a supportive adult relationship to minimize isolation and prevent or reduce at-risk behaviors. Through their Kinship relationship, children develop a sense of self-worth that is essential for success in school, in relationships, and eventually the workforce. KNK serves children in the communities of Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, Farmington, Lakeville, and Rosemount. They also provide a school-based mentoring program at four elementary schools and one middle school.
     In recognition of the great work that Kids 'n Kinship provides to the community, the Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club Board of Directors authorized a grant of $1,000 to KNK to help continue their mission of helping young children & teens to secure positive mentoring relationships in their lives. If you'd like to find out more about Kids 'n Kinship and how you can become a volunteer, please click the link, or visit their website at
Pictured below from Left to Right is President Dan McElroy, Jan Belmore-Exec. Director from KNK, and Rob Heimerman who is a rotary member and sponsor for KNK.
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club welcomed Jennifer Harmening who’s the President of the Burnsville Chamber of Commerce as our guest speaker on Feb. 24th. at the Original Pancake House. The mission of The Chamber of Commerce is to represent and connect businesses serving Burnsville with a vision to help build a vibrant & prosperous community. Jennifer reviewed all the various ways that the chamber helps with public policy programs, business education & networking, economic & workforce development, as well as community engagement through relationships with clients, vendors, peers, and the community. If you’d like to learn more about the Burnsville Chamber of Commerce and how it can help your business, please click this link or paste into your browser: https://burnsvillechamber.com/ 
The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club had an action-packed meeting today featuring our guest speaker from Feed My Starving Children, and also the presentation of grants to M.O.M.S. and Can Do Canines which are non-profits that we support with our club Rotary Foundation.
Our guest speaker, Mr. Rich Kyllo from Feed My Starving Children gave a wonderful presentation concerning the mission of the organization, how volunteers help to provide nutrition for starving children around the world by packing food at various fixed and mobile site locations in the Twin Cities, and the shear cost efficiency that they're able to generate through the many volunteers who help to make it a success! He also shared how the food that's donated is impeccably tracked to make sure the food gets to where it needs to go and isn't stolen or sold. Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club recently made a $1,000 donation to FMSC at their recent mobile pack at Berean Baptist Church that many of our club members volunteered for.
Our 2nd. guest was our very own Kathryn Archambault who is the Exec. Director of the M.O.M.S. Program/Home-In-Stead in Burnsville. M.O.M.S. is an organization that helps provide mentoring to single-parent families in both Dakota & Scott County, MN., and provides them with structure, accountability, and support to set and achieve individualized goals to support family health. In support of M.O.M.S, the Board of Directors approved a grant of $1,500. To learn more about M.O.M.S., please click here.
Our last guest was Sheila Cross who is the Development Director from Can Do Canines which is an organization that is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities by creating mutually beneficial partnerships with specially trained dogs. Their goal is to provide a dog to anyone who needs and wants an assistance dog and to provide one at no cost to them. The avg. cost of a trained assistance dog is $45,000! In support of Can Do Canines, the Board of Directors approved a grant of $1,000 to purchase a microscope they needed for their program department. If you'd like to find out more about Can Do Canines, please click the link below.
This morning the Burnsville Breakfast Rotary welcomed our guest speaker Pamala Voight who is the program director for BrainPower in a Backpack and the Dist. 191 Community Pantry in Burnsville.  BrainPower in a BackPack is a Volunteer Hunger Relief Project through ISD 191 Community Education and Burnsville High School benefitting all students, staff, and families in District 191. The high school students and community volunteers assemble hunger relief packages via three programs:
1) BrainPower in a Backpack
Provides weekend food packages for families who struggle to put enough food on the table. Because academic performance is related to nutrition, our goal is to improve the student learning experience for children with the greatest need in ISD 191.
2) Dist. 191 Community Pantry
This is a family grocery bag style food distribution available to all community members on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at Diamondhead Education Center. Each grocery bag has 10-15 nonperishable items designed for a family of 4 including a box of assorted fresh fruits and vegetables when available. The Pantry is open to the public.
3) Dist. 191 Fresh Produce Distribution
This program is available July - October and provides a box of assorted fresh fruits and vegetables distributed on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at Diamondhead Educational Center and is available to all community members.
The primary program, BrainPower in a Backpack runs 9 mo./32 weeks per year when school is in session and is provided to students who qualify for the program. Nearly 50% of Dist. 191 students qualify for free or reduced lunches, so the need is great to help families who are trying to extend their budgets and to provide nutrition for their children.
Where the need is greatest for volunteers is to either help transport the BrainPower in Backpack bags from the Burnsville High School to the (8) elementary/middle school dropoff locations or to help with the distribution of food bags at the Dist. Community 191 Food Pantry which is located at the Diamondhead Educational Center. To find out more about how you can help, please click the link below:
District Governor Lloyd Campbell
Oct 13, 2022
Annual Club Visit by the District Governor
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Energy issues, now and for the future
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Nov 24, 2022
No meeting today in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday 🦃
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